Certificate of Personal Effectiveness


Armineh Abnousian – Course Coordinator


Course Content
This course is offered at KS4 only at present. The aims of the qualification are to enable learners to:

  • Develop and demonstrate a range of personal, key and employability skills leading to personal effectiveness
  • Broaden experience and manage learning through the enrichment activities provided by the ASDAN challenges
  • Receive formal recognition and accreditation for the above.

To be eligible for the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, learners must complete the required challenges through which evidence of skill development in six areas is demonstrated to Level 1 or Level 2 in three main strands:

  • Taking responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out a number of activities or challenges, and evidencing this work in a portfolio
  • Developing and evidencing the three Wider Key Skills of Working with Others, Improving own Learning and Performance and Problem Solving at Level 1 or Level 2
  • Developing and evidencing the three additional skills of Planning and Carrying out Research, Communicating through Discussion, and Planning and Giving an Oral Presentation, at Level 1 or Level 2.

Once all the work has been carried out the learner must complete and sign the Assessment Checklist to indicate the file reference of each piece of evidence. 

To achieve the ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness the learner must gain a minimum of twelve credits by completing challenges, and providing evidence to demonstrate skills development at Level 1 or Level 2.  Students will need to:

  • Complete challenges to achieve twelve credits from the modules in ASDAN CoPE book.
  • Action plan, record achievements and review progress with a tutor
  • Complete the assessment checklist, which cross references evidence to meet the requirements of the qualification
  • Present an organised portfolio of evidence which documents evidence from the challenges, and provides at least one example of working at the level set from the following units:
    • Introduction to Working with Others
    • Introduction to Improving own Learning and Performance
    • Introduction to Problem Solving
    • Planning and carrying out Research
    • Communicating through Discussion
    • Planning and giving an Oral Presentation

Assessment and moderation
Assessment for each unit is based on the Portfolio of Evidence.  Learners’ work is assessed against ASDAN CoPE Standards and records of their progress are kept in their folders.   Learners then are given guidelines on how to improve their work. The Portfolio will be assessed internally within the centre by a tutor/assessor to ensure the quality of assessment decisions is consistent at the centre before the portfolios are taken to an External Moderation meeting.


Homework is set once a week.  Homework tasks reinforce topics learners have studied. Homework tasks include carrying out research and writing a report on a topic, presenting a topic through a PowerPoint presentation, and preparing for a discussion. It is vital to complete homework tasks as they form part of the evidence for their portfolios.


Revisions, Intervention and Enrichment
Learners are encouraged to participate in lunch time and after school clubs.  Learners develop skills such as social skills, organisation skills and study skills in these clubs.

Following assessments, underperforming learners will be invited to attend additional sessions during lunch time or after school and sometimes during school holidays to complete the required amount of work towards their qualification.