Mr GambleĀ - Economics teacher (Head Teacher)
Mrs Warrington - Economics teacher
Mr Shah - Economics teacher


Course Content

GCE (A Level)

Learners will follow the OCR Economics GCE Syllabi.

The GCE is separated into 4 units;

Unit 1- Markets in Action
This unit contains the following topics:

  • The reasons for individuals, organisations, and societies having to make choices
  • Competitive markets and how they work
  • Market failure and government intervention

Unit 2- The National and International Economy
This unit contains the following topics:

  • Aggregate demand and aggregate supply and their interaction
  • Government economic policy objectives and indicators of national economic performance
  • The application of macroeconomic policy instruments; and the international economy


Unit 3- Transport Economics
This unit contains the following topics:

  • Transport, transport trends and the economy
  • Market structures and competitive behaviour in transport markets
  • Market failure and the role of intervention in transport markets
  • Transport economics and government policy


Unit 4- The Global Economy
This unit contains the following topics:

  • Macroeconomic performance
  • Trade and integration
  • Development and sustainability
  • The economics of globalisation


How Learners Are Assessed
Learners will be assessed formatively and summatively to ensure progress is identified at all stages. The weighting of assessment for each unit can be seen below:

  • Unit 1- 25%
  • Unit 2- 25%
  • Unit 3- 25%
  • Unit 4- 25%


Homework is a vital part of the modular courses and includes a variety of different tasks, e.g. researching, assessing, analysing and written work. It is intended to be an extension of work done in the lesson or a preparation for the next lesson and it provides an opportunity to develop independent study skills. Homework is every week.


Revision, Intervention and Enrichment
The Economics Department offer homework and intervention classes after school from on a Wednesday for targeted learners. .